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An international catholic movement. A christian movement for married couples.


A way of life and mutual support among couples. A means to be happy as a couple and as a family. A special way of living the gospel.


The meeting of the International Leading Team
The next 3 meetings of the International Leading Team:
• October 17-24, 2014 in Paris
• March 10-15, 2015 in Hungary
• Early September 2015 in Rome: before the International College and the International Gathering of Regional Responsible Couples

Henri Caffarel, the Founder

Cause for Beatification of Father Henri Caffarel

To follow and support the Cause for the Beatification of Father Caffarel,

please send us your contact details by downloading, printing and returning the form.


October 18th
An event, which will mark the history of the Teams of Our Lady, took place on October
18th in the Church of St Augustin, Paris. The French part of the dossier for the cause of canonisation of Father Caffarel was officially closed.

The ceremony was presided over by Monsignor de Moulins-Beaufort, auxiliary bishop of Paris.




Crypte of Saint-Augustin ‘s -           Apposition of the seals -                     Thanksgiving Mass




Signature of Mgr de Moulins-Beaufort -   Father Paul-Dominique Marcovits -     To & Zé Moura Soares
International Responsible Couple     

Numerous participants-Teams of Our Lady members from all countries and Father Caffarel's old friends-were present. The ceremony was organised in two parts. First came the apposition of the seals on the cases containing the documents, once each of those involved in the cause had sworn to have accomplished their task correctly. Most of the participants had never experienced such a particularly moving event. Then the Thanksgiving Mass began and was attended by over 500 people. Some came from very far away: Brazil, Poland or Togo. In his homily, Monsignor de Moulins-Beaufort accentuated the depth and extent of Father Caffarel's life and message for couples, widows and numerous people who pray. In the days to come, Father Paul-Dominique Marcovits, o.p., postulator for the French part of the cause, will take up the mission of ‘carrier' in order to ensure that the entire dossier arrives safely in Rome, where the cause will follow its course under the supervision of a new postulator at the Vatican.

Numerous masses were said on this same day in numerous countries around the world (Brazil, USA, Poland, Africa, Australia etc.) in order to celebrate this important moment. Father Roger Madiela, Spiritual Counsellor in Boma, Democratic Republic of Congo, sent us this testimonial:

A prayer meeting with a time for meditation was organised in each group on the evening Bomaof Friday, October 17th and on Saturday, October 18th a thanksgiving mass was celebrated in the Sacred Heart parish of Boma.
Eleven couples from the Teams of Our Lady attended this mass and gave thanks to God for having given us Father Caffarel, prophet of marriage and founder of the Teams of Our Lady Movement.

Other testimonials will be published here shortly....

Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops

The First General Congregation of the Third Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops began today, October 6th, in Rome and public opinion has great expectations for its outcome. Many believe that the Church ought to adapt its doctrine on the family and the relationship between the moral and sacramental life to modern times. Current problems are not as new as we like to believe. Looking back in history, the question of the relationship between moral and sacramental life was at the centre of the Church's attention from apostolic times until today. One just needs to glance at the Gospels and Letters of the apostles, especially Paul's ones, to see that everything was already contained within them. In more modern times, it is important to remember the existence of the Synod of the Family of 1980, the conclusions of which are to be found in St Jean Paul II's apostolic exhortation, Familiaris consortio, 22 November 1981.
The fundamental hermeneutical question does not concern the adaption of the Church to current times, but is about being faithful to the Gospel, because the Church is not a weather vane, but rather a compass. The subjective question of comprehension, tolerance or welcome is not under discussion, but rather the fundamental question of letting oneself be touched by the Gospel through the ministry of the Church, who, in the Lord's name, invites us to conversion, to live in holiness according to God's design. In our case, this is also the charism and mission of the Teams of Our Lady.
As a Movement, let us pray for the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, that it may be a timely moment of reflection and discernment about the Christian family and about the ways of fidelity and holiness that the family, through its vocation and mission, is called to follow today.

Father José Jacinto Ferreira de Farias

International College in Medway, USA

tout le collègeEvery year those who are in positions of responsibility within the Movement across the world meet up in a different country to attend the International College. It is a unique moment, which allows everyone to experience a sense of fraternity that was so dear to Father Caffarel, to share in the life of the Teams and to discuss the priorities chosen by the International Leading Team.
This year, the College was held in Medway, close to Boston in the United States of America from July 20th to 25th. Joseph and Inès Varao, responsible couple for the United States Super-Region, were the organizers of this College that was prayerful, studious but also festive. The kindness of our American hosts profoundly moved us.
The previous week, the International Leading Team had held its third meeting of the year to discuss the various different works in progress and to outline the perspectives for the future.
For many responsible couples and spiritual counsellors, it was a baptism of fire. It was wonderful to see that most of them were young, enthusiastic and forward mTo et Zéoving and looking! As To and Zé Moura Souares, the Responsible Couple of the International Leading Team, highlighted, couples and families need to be encouraged and helped in their spiritual development more than ever today. There were sessions on different subjects incluERI et Evêque de Bostonding sexuality; the evangelic sense of contributing; communication. The wonderful testimonials on ‘The Family as a Source of Hope' were particularly remarkable.
Intense moments of prayer including a night of adoration, beautiful and meditative masses, numerous exchanges between all participants at the various meetings and during meals and a very hospitable opening evening meant that everyone recharged their batteries and returned home extremely happy to serve Christ in the name of the Teams of Our Lady.

As is the custom, every six years the International College is held in Rome. So the next one is planned for Rome and will be followed by a Gathering of Regional Responsible Couples as well as a possible audience with Pope Francis.


Thought for Today

The Communion of Saints
The Feast of All Saints reminds us that we are surrounded, born even, by the multitudes of witnesses to Christ: those who preceded us, from the Apostles and the Virgin Mary onwards, up to those of today. We can rely on the faith of those who came before us. And we in turn are invited to pass on the treasure of confidence and trust in God to the generation that follows us...
The communion of saints does not gather only those who made great efforts to lead an irreproachable moral life. In God, it unites "all the saints who have pleased (him) throughout the ages" (Eucharistic Prayer). Holiness means being close to the source of friendship with God. To each and every one of us, Christ says, "I no longer call you servants, I call you friends." (Jn 15:15)

Brother Aloyius of Taizé




The meeting of the International Leading Team
The next 3 meetings of the International Leading Team:
• October 17-24, 2014 in Paris
• March 10-15, 2015 in Hungary
• Early September 2015 in Rome: before the International College and the International Gathering of Regional Responsible Couples

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